Friday, September 18, 2009

Open Letter To Jacob G. Hornberger

Recently I read this article on a favorite website. I respect the author very much and wanted to reply to his piece. So I sent him this email:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your article posted today at I found it very informative. I hope you are able to take a few minutes to read this email. I am not expert on the attacks of 9/11, and fully agree that our foreign policy produces significant “blowback”. I hope your comments on the evidence are open to discussion. I am not attempting to convince you of anything. Your comments though, seem to indicate that the official story is the most plausible to you, or rather that the “truthers” are unable to "make their case”.

“…simply isn’t convinced by the evidence that the Truthers have produced to make their case. Personally, this is the category I fall into. “

I too felt the same way as you for years. That is until I asked some simple questions about the event. A detailed article explaining why the evidence you have seen is not convincing would be helpful to others like me. In my opinion the evidence to support the official story is the thinnest of all. There is no one that can fully explain how WTC 7 collapsed at freefall speeds into its own footprint towards the path of most resistance. The 9/11 commission ignored the topic all together. AT this point 6 out of 10 commission members have publicly stated that the commission was lied to and mislead by NORAD, the Pentagon, and the White House. Those who understand Operation Northwoods, have already crossed one of the most important roadblocks to truth, that is the idea that our own government could do such a thing.

Fear of being labeled a “truther” is large hurdle for most to jump. Over the years 9/11 “truthers” have been labeled “kooks” and “nut jobs” by the main stream media. You may recall a certain Congressmen who ran for the Republican nomination in 2008 that was also referred to as a “kook”. This constant reference to people who have questioned the official story has worked well to convinced the general public to ignore the issue, less they be called a “kook”. But the evidence exists, parts of which seem to be irrefutable.

Our Government and our World took a turn for the worst as a result of that day’s events. It is a fact that most of the legislation like the US PATRIOT ACT was drafted years prior to 9/11, and only able to pass into law because of the events of that day. It was used as an excuse to invade two countries. Over a Million lives have been lost as a result. Based on these facts, do you not think that a thorough review of 9/11 is a good idea?

I respect your opinion greatly, as you are responsible for waking me up to the ideas of liberty. Your voice is needed to help wake up others. To dismiss “truthers” without explanation, to even refer to those who do not trust the governments story as ”truthers”, is a way to stifle open debate and further strengthens the “official” story. Even if that is not your intent, that is the result. If someone claimed that the Keynesians’ economic theories are correct regarding the Great Depression, folks like you would want more information to back up such a statement. Why is 9/11 any different? There is a mountain of evidence available to those willing to look. Short sales on airline stock, inconsistent NORAD response times, burn temperatures, changes to standard shoot down procedures, eyewitness testimonies, peer reviewed papers, and on and on. The “coincidences” that had to happen to allow the official story to be true are overwhelming.

The political price of becoming a “truther” is more burdensome than excepting the official story. If “truthers” are “conspiracy theorist” then those who believe the official story are “coincidence theorist”. In the end the truth will be known. I wish I could dismiss “truthers” as easily as you, then too I wish more people could dismiss Keynesian economics as they do “truthers”! Thank you for your time. Looking forward to your response.


For those interested in 9/11 I suggest doing a little questioning. I started with "these people who think 9/11 is an inside job are crazy, and I bet I can prove it!"

Jeff Avitabile