Friday, September 26, 2008

Have You Had Enough?

Bailouts, Bailouts, Bailouts, or should I say WMD’s, WMD’s, WMD’s. Or how about Patriot Act, Patriot Act, Patriot Act. We’re seeing it over and over again people. More fear mongering from our fearless leaders in order to frighten us into giving them what they want unchecked. They used fear of WMD’s in order to start an unconstitutional war in Iraq; they used fear of terrorism to take away our civil liberties and now they are using fear of a financial meltdown to procure new bailouts by using taxpayer funds. The new bailout in the neighborhood, if you haven’t already heard, also happens to be the largest bailout in U.S history. It’s called TARP, short for Troubled Asset Relief Program which treasury secretary, Henry Paulson proposed as a way for government to take debased mortgages off the loans of our nations “corrupt” institutions. Not to mention, if passed it's going to cost you and me about $2,500 each, and that's not including the multibillion bailouts of the last few weeks. More bailouts are sure to come. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of this shit! I can’t afford to pay for these assholes mistakes over and over again, can you? (So much for the administrations so called "stimulus package". You know, the one released a few months ago in which we each received a check for $600 on average. I guess that was just a loan with an interest rate of about 24% attached to it. A lot of good it did for the economy. I work for a fortune 500 billion dollar company and can damn well tell you that if I made a mistake that cost the business even the tiniest fraction of money that these MORONS are losing, I wouldn’t be rewarded for it. I’d be out on my ass before I realized what happened. I apologize for the language, but that’s what happens when people try and scare me. I get pissed off! Imagine yourself back in grade school and the class bully says “Give me your lunch money, it’s for your own good.” What would you do? Give him the money so he can get wealthy. Hell no, you beat the shit out of the bully (or hire a bigger bully to do it for you)! Same situation people, we are Americans and we don’t take that kind of shit from anybody. So why are we taking it now? If you haven’t already done so, read the passage by Charley Reese called The 545 people responsible for all U.S woes. It’s a brief must read for all of us. It’s time to take care of the bully!!
In short, if the establishment has taught me anything, it’s that it does a great job of scaring you and me into submission. If fear is the only thing that moves you to action, than that’s what I’ll use as my tool. More rants to come soon, prepare to be scared shitless!

--Charlie Mullen

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Jeff Avitabile said...

I love the fight in you! That's the spirit of 1776!