Thursday, June 25, 2009

yes WE can.....

It's becoming painfully obvious to anyone willing to turn off the Main Stream Media and do a little reading that the current administration is working against the best interest of the American people. This is not a rant against Obama in particular or Democrats in general. In fact, like most, I thought there was no way one could do more damage to the American Experiment then our previous President. We are trapped by a Federal Government that sees no limits to their power and a two party system that work together to expand that power. Leaving "We the People" and more importantly you the Individual in a difficult situation.

When the government increases in size and power, it is at the expense of individual liberty. When will we wake up to this fact and curb the growth of government while we still can? My concern is that it has already grown too big, and the nation is now too dependent to reverse this trend. Writing letters to our congress requesting that they limit their power so as to expand ours is not a likely solution. Some of my fellow citizens seem all too happy that the Federal Government has taken more control of their lives. Some want even more power handed to the "Nanny State". Calls for universal health care are growing louder and is down right scary. Those who wish the government provide them with free health care are some of the most well meaning , and naive folks out there. The US Government has provided free health care to Veterans and American Indians for's that working out? That may be a simple argument but that's all that's needed to see the flaws in the proposal. If you saw a construction company build a house next door to you, and it was awful looking and shabby and the roof leaked and the siding blew off, would you hire them to fix up your house? Another thing to consider is not what we are gaining, but what we are loosing. When the Government is put in charge of determining what doctor you should see, or what procedure they will pay for, what you want does not matter. Anyone who has had to deal with today's HMO's, Doctors and insurance can attest to this problem right now, everyone is a decision maker except the patient!!! Do you honestly believe that the government is able to step in and make it run smoother? The more I learn about the current health care system, the more I see government as the problem as it is. If you are an employer who is dishing out huge amounts a month to provide your employees with health care, what are you going to do when the Government offers free health care?

This is not just about health care. If it was just that issue, i would not be as concerned as I am. It is about the proper role of Government. This country was founded on the principle that the Government is evil. At worse it's a Tyrannical Despotism, at best it's a Necessary Evil. Notice that even in it's best form it's still evil! Our founders knew this. They structured the Federal Government with this in constant view. There was a major debate over the inclusion of the Bill of Rights. The debate was not about if they should or should not include the Bill of Rights for their value, but rather was it necessary to even state what the founders and the people knew to be understood. The Constitution only grants specific powers to the Federal Government. It was written for the purpose of creating and chaining down a Federal Government. Before the ink was dry on our new Constitution some went right to work "interpreting" the document. I always found that to be an interesting concept..."interpreting" the Constitution, is it written in German or something? Now through the magic of "interpretation" we have a Federal Government that can do anything imaginable. Is this what the founders intended?

It's time for Americans to rediscover our lost history. The history we were taught in school is insufficient in providing the understanding needed to maintain a free society and a properly functioning Republic. In fact I'll go as far to say that the history lessons we receive from Government funded schools is purposely misleading about the proper role of government. Only when we have a well informed citizenry will we truly be able to secure the blessings of Liberty.

-- J. Avitabile

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.
~ Mark Twain

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Tom Mullen said...

Hello Jeff,

You touch on something that I completely agree with - what is needed now is not so much specific solutions to specific issues, but a general change of philosophy of the people themselves. Most of my writing is aimed at that. I believe that we get mostly what we ask for from our government - which is what Madison and others were afraid of. If we open the minds of the people and they decide to stop asking government for other people's property, we will at least be demanding the right things - and I believe we'll get whatever we demand because politicans do whatever helps them keep their phoney baloney jobs (as Mel Brooks once put it).